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Zambia Revenue Authority Registrations

Registering for taxes is the first step to being tax compliant.
Find below how to register for Taxpayer Identification Number
(TPIN), Income Tax, Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Withholding Tax
(WHT), Value Added Tax (VAT), Tourism Levy and Insurance
Premium Levy.
The registration for taxes is now easy because of online
platforms. Taxpayers who have challenges with online registration can still register manually by visiting any nearest ZRA front
Tax Payer Identication Number-TPIN
TPIN is a unique ten-digit computer generated number
allocated to a taxpayer upon registration with the Zambia
Revenue Authority (ZRA) or with PACRA. It is a pre – requisite for
any transaction with ZRA. The TPIN is equally a requirement for
one to register for any tax type like VAT, Withholding tax (WHT),
Income Tax, PAYE or any other tax type.
Registration of a TPIN is a mandatory requirement for one to
transact in the Republic. For instance, a TPIN is a prerequisite
for one to open a bank account in the Republic, register with
PACRA, transact with ZESCO, transfer of property, etc
The required documents to be attached to the registration
form are as follows:

  1. Limited company registered under the companies Act
    Attach copies of:
    · Certificate of incorporation
    · Certificate of share capital
    · Statement of Particulars-approved by the Registrar
    (Company Form III)
    · Articles of Association (optional but recommended)
  2. Foreign company registered under the Companies Act
    Attach copies of:
    · Certificate of registration
    · Statement of Particulars-approved by the Registrar(Company
    Form 38)
    · Articles of Association or any other instrument relating to the
    foreign company such as a memorandum

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