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Professional Immigration Consultancy Services

You will need a tourist or business visa to enter or travel through Zambia as a visitor as well as valid return air tickets (if arriving by air) and sufficient funds for your stay. Tourist and business visit visas are available in advance (from Zambian Missions abroad or e-Visa) and on arrival in Zambia.

In a bid to protect the integrity of its system as well as protect its clients from being swindled, the Department of Immigration will not accept or attend to applications that are lodged by unauthorized persons. We will only attend to applications lodged by:

1. Individual applicants (with the exception of Employment Permit);

2. Practicing Lawyers representing applicants;

3. Practicing Human Resource Employees of the employing company charged with the responsibility of handling immigration matters in the company; and

4. Registered Immigration Consultants.

It is a serious offence to offer someone assistance with immigration matters if you do not fall under any of the four categories mentioned above.

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