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ILO SIYB Training Provider

1.1 What is SIYB?
The SIYB programme is a system of inter-related training packages and supporting
materials for small-scale entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. It aims
at increasing the viability of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through
management principles suitable for the environment of developing countries. The
ILO assists Business Development Service (BDS) organizations to develop the skills
required to implement, monitor, manage and finance the training programme, and
sets up a sustainable training system at the national level, thus contributing to sustainable economic growth and employment generation.

How did SIYB come about?
The SIYB programme originated from a management training package called “Look
After Your Firm” which was developed in the late 1970s by the Swedish Employers´ Federation for local small and medium entrepreneurs. In 1977, the Swedish
International Development Agency (Sida) funded a project for the ILO to adapt the
materials to reflect the needs and situations of entrepreneurs in developing countries. The adapted training package was called the “Improve Your Business” (IYB)
programme. In the early 1990s, an ILO technical cooperation project in Fiji developed
the “Start Your Business” (SYB) training package addressing potential start-ups. The
programme, after an initial development stage, quickly spread around the world.
The product range grew as the “Generate Your Business Idea” (GYB) package was
developed. All of these training packages use the “SIYB Business Game” as a key
motivational and learning tool that simulates a real life business situation.

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