Our Mission

 To help Companies & Businesses succeed and
enhance enterprise value by providing world class ICT Software Solutions
and Digital Technologies which are Unique, Creative and Innovative to
Business Preposition to enhance Business Growth, Competitive
Advantage, Competition Edge and to improve Operation efficiencies.

Our Vision

To become focus industry knowledge and Solutions
Market leader in ICT Software Solutions and Digital Technologies in

Zambia and beyond (Globally/Internationally) by Offering World Class
Services, Solutions and Products in 5 to 10 Years

Other products and services

1.Financial Planning and Budget Monitoring Software Veera.
2.Farmsmart-Simplify, Innovate and Promote Visibility in Agribusiness Value Chain in
3.Website Development
4. Mobile Application Development
5.Digital Marketing Services
6. Payment Gateway Services
7.Financial Technology (FINTECH)
8.Project Management Services
9. ICT Software Development s and Services

1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
2. Enterprise Content Management System (ECM)
3. Document Management Systems
4. Workflow Processes
5. Record Management Systems
6. Business Information Systems
7. Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
8. Digital Portal Development Services
10. Digital Technologies
11. ICT Outsourcing and Managed Services

Products and Services