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Financial Planning and Budget Monitoring Software Veera

Software for Financial Advisors

Financial software programs typically provide a wide arrange of useful information and capabilities. The most in-demand software products include:

  • Customer relationship management software organizes client information and streamlines process flows and communication techniques.
  • Financial planning software provides cash flow analysis, long-term planning, and tax strategy plans.
  • Portfolio management software provides comprehensive reporting tools for greater awareness and management of your client’s entire asset holdings.
  • Trading/rebalancing software automates and coordinates portfolio transactions.
  • Investment analytics software provides all-encompassing data and historical information regarding securities and other investments.
  • Risk tolerance software identifies, navigates, and quantifies hidden and known portfolio risks.
  • Document management software simplifies document transmission, signature retrieval, or document storage.

What is financial planning software?

At its most basic level, financial planning software is any program that is capable of financial calculations and projections across accounts. But what does that mean? Imagine a platform that can bring all your clients’ financial data from credit cards, loans, investment accounts, college expenses, Social Security, and basically anything else you could think of into one place. Advisors can then use that data to create a whole financial bible for clients. Using software can remove many manual processes, saving you time and money.  

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